An Alaskan growing up in Central and South America KT Maxwell led worship at a Spanish speaking church in Colombia at 12 years old. This set her on a journey of songwriting, and recording projects as a worship leader. Her love for trekking the Himalayas with the Gospel led to partnering with Nepali church leaders to found a Bible school in Kathmandu. Hundreds of churches have been planted throughout the region. Katie came alongside trafficked women residing in a rescue home in the Kathmandu Valley as they learned trades to rebuild their lives. Later she volunteered stateside raising human trafficking awareness with OATH (Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans). Her educational pursuits in Religion and Christian Counseling provided tools to engage her community in healing and the discovery of their identity in Christ.

Kallah’s journey from orphan to daughter begins with betrayal and human trafficking.  Sold and forced to leave her ancient, Himalayan home, the girl’s struggle is marked by moments of bitter tea and traversing the mountains of abandonment and forgiveness. The dream of being called a daughter becomes as foreign to her as the distant merchant cities she encounters. While the orphan’s curse devastates her hope of love, can a fractured compass guide her heart back home? Will an encounter with one man at a desert well hold the cure to reverse the curse? Draw a refreshing drink of water from Kallah’s wisdom as her life is symbolic of every woman’s desire and calling to live as a daughter. Freedom and healing from limiting beliefs are on the other side of your mountain. Begin your journey today.

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