What to do When Your Dreams don’t Come True

I have been obsessed with this passage the last week or so. Psalm 105 shouts with enthusiasm about the faithfulness of God. His miracles, strength, and glorious acts of love on behalf of His people are recounted. It gives us a tried and true method of digging ourselves out of the dumps when we are in a season of waiting or in a holding pattern. This can be excruciatingly frustrating when our eyes lose sight of Jesus and fall on the stormy waves. Some days we may doubt or even give up when the timing God’s promises go beyond what we think is reasonable.

The verses that shed light on the long suffering I feel when reflecting on the promises of God are about Joseph. The guy who had favor with his father gifting him a coat of many colours and making his brothers insanely jealous. (That is another blog in and of itself… being jealous over someone else’s favor.) Ultimately Joseph ended up in dark places and seasons because of his brothers’ jealousy. Captive at the bottom of a well does not boast a fulfillment of God’s promise even remotely, right? What about being wrongly imprisoned. Nope. Not that either. Did God have a lapse in memory about the promise he made to Joseph? Do you think he has forgotten His promises to you? Is God not aware of the weight that crushes you waiting on Him to fulfill your dreams? After all, He gave you those dreams. Maybe it feels taunting.

Verses 18 and 19 in the Passion Translation say it insightfully:

His feet were bruised by strong shackles and his soul was held by iron.

God’s promise to Joseph purged his character until it was time for his dreams to come true.

What shackles bruise your feet today? They keep you from taking long strides towards your dreams. They are heavy and painful. The iron around your heart is stifling and it can be hard to breathe some days.

But the psalmist reveals the secret. The purpose in the delay is to purge our character. God’s promises are not for the faint of heart. Dreams require strength and wisdom to carry out. The strength I have today is far greater than what I had years ago. Integrity and tenderness come from years of purification and pruning. A God sized dream requires fortitude to steward well. Be encouraged in the waiting of your dream coming true! It simply means the mantle you will carry is a BIG deal.

Joseph’s dream came true after he was tempered and matured. He became the second man in charge of a powerful nation with authority over royal possessions.

A beautiful coat is the favor of a young man.

The favor of a man who’s character has been purged is far beyond his wildest dreams!

Today, remind God of His promises to you and all the times He has been faithful.  He loves it when you do that!

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