Abbie’s Alaskan Halibut Tacos

Abbie is the truest of Alaskans. None of this transplant business. She was born in Soldotna and marked by the Big Dipper and North Star in freckles on her shoulder. Abbie’s uncle took her deep sea fishing out of Homer towards Seldovia and she caught a 30 pounder. Reeling in a Halibut is like pulling a sheet of plywood off the ocean floor. While everyone loves bringing home a trophy it’s the smaller catches that have better texture and flavor. Abbie’s Alaskan Halibut is the perfect reason to make fish tacos!

We’ll start with the tangy sauce:

1 jalapeño chopped (with seeds if you want more heat) 

1/4 c chopped cilantro

Juice of 3 lemons

1 c mayonnaise 

Salt and pepper to taste

Chop a quarter of a green cabbage like you would for coleslaw and set aside. 

I prepare my corn tortillas heating them on a griddle with butter and set them aside for assembling. Raw corn tortillas are no fun. 

While heating 1/4 c coconut oil in a skillet slice the Halibut steak into strips about an inch thick. Sprinkle with the following spices to taste: 

Cayenne, cumin, chili, onion and garlic powder, salt

Place Halibut in hot oil and rotate until cooked through, crispy and carmelized on all sides. Remove fish and allow the oil drain. 

To assemble Abbie’s Alaskan Halibut Tacos layer on top of your tortilla: cabbage, Halibut, cheese, avocado slice and a generous drizzle of the tangy sauce. Top off with a lime squeeze. 

Lastly be sure to let Abbie know you made her tacos. She’ll be totally jealous because it’s her fave! 


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