Awash in Squash

My Granny had to hide the pickled squash when I was a kid. I’d sit at her dining table in my grandparents’ humble home in the southern Arkansas heat sneaking one more. She was the queen of her acre garden and a master at canning and freezing the summer bounty for hearty winter meals. 

So when Roy gave me his first jar of pickled squash I knew I was home.  If you have squash in your garden this is a must have for your winter pantry. Although ours may not make it till the end of the year since Granny isn’t here to catch me before eating a whole jar by myself. Roy has generously shared his recipe with us:

The vinegar measurements are fluid dependent on how many squash you’re canning. If you want less tart cut the vinegar with water. On a stovetop combine the white vinegar, salt and however much sugar you’d like to find that perfect sweet-sour balance. Bring to a gentle boil and remove from heat. We packed our jars with squash (sliced in rounds or sticks), sliced red onions, jalapeños, peppercorn, bay leaf, and whole cloves of garlic. Pour the hot vinegar liquid over your veggies in the jars to the tippy top and tighten the lids. To store long term break out the canner. If you’re like me though storing in the fridge is adequate since they’ll be disappearing rather quickly.  

Dig in ya’ll!! 



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