Squash Blossom 

The zucchini ravioli was a win. Forgive me for not posting a pic. I ate them too fast! But they did leave me with an abundance of the ricotta stuffing that needed to be put to good work.  So while harvesting in the garden tonight we decided to cook up squash blossoms!

I learned today that there are male and female blossoms. Leave the females to produce the fruit but the male blossoms are perfect for stuffing and frying!

It took 4 hands to fill these beauties!  If you’re flying solo a piping bag is a must.

To make some for your next dinner starter:

  • Pick male squash blossoms using scissors to clip the from the stem
  • Mix an egg with a cup of  Ricotta and season to taste! I like garlic and onion powder, basil, salt and nutmeg
  • Stuff the blossoms and twist the tops gently to close.
  • Mix flour, salt, Parmesan cheese and setlzer for the batter
  • Coat stuffed blossoms in batter and fry in 1/2 inch of oil on medium high till both sides are golden
  • Let drain on a paper towel
  • Serve with marinara sauce for dipping

A little update! The lovely ladies are adjusting well. And we’ve been able to keep the predators out. We did catch another coon and a possum.



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